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Ms. Coach Allen  
You can't have hoPE without PE!
Louisiana Tech University. 
Health and Physical Education, BS
I love KIDS and I love teaching Health and Physical Education
as well as seeing the students grow and develop. 
Ms. Coach Allen
Pre-K and Kindergarten
Room -Gym
Conference time:7
Great Expectations:
Be safe...DOUBLE tied tennis shoes.
Follow ALL directions.
Keep to yourself.
Stay in your area.
Play fairly and share. 
Do Your Best!
Rules are for games.
Be at school EVERY SINGLE day...and ON TIME! 
Coach Allen's "Active" word of the month: SAFETY!
Physical fitness is a life long JOURNEY...not a destination.
PE objectives for Cycle 1 are: Managements Skills-Safety Procedures in the gym, Great Expectations, and the Running Rules. Cycle 2 & 3 will focus on: Motor Development (Jogging/Sprinting, Hopping/Galloping and Sliding/Skipping), Muscle Strength/Flexibility as well as Rhythms using Ribbon Wands and Scarfs, & Stations using Noodles, Catch Cones, and Bean Bags, 
Skills in Cycle 4 are: Tumbling (Log Rolls) and Balance Beam (Walk Forward/Sideways/Backward). Skills to be taught in Cycle 5: Cardio Fitness using Jumping equipment such as Jump ropes, Skip Its and Hoops.
Box Tops Coordinator: Box Tops are collected year around. Students earn prizes for bringing them in pasted on the collection sheets or in baggies. One to 100, every child gets something for whatever they bring. Money earned is used to purchase equipment in the gym and replenish the Box Tops "Treasure Box."
Thus far, this year we have earned $629! 
Thank you in advance for allowing your child to participate.